Farmers Market is one of those terms that everyone thinks they know what it means but everyone’s definition is different. You see the term used a lot of different places to mean a lot of different things. The problem with this is that it can devalue “farmers market” to the point it becomes meaningless. So in the interest of clarity, we wanted to tell you what it means to us when we call ourselves the Soldotna Saturday Farmers Market.

First, it means that we require that all the produce you will see at our Market be grown locally on the central peninsula. Being locally grown, ensures everything will be as fresh and nutritious as possible. We also require the person selling it to be the farmer who grew it, a member of their family or one of their employees. That means they can tell you anything and everything you want to know about their produce.

Second, for our vendors selling other products besides produce we require that all these products be made in Alaska by the person selling it or a member of their family. We do not allow any resale businesses. This ensures the money spent at our Market stays in our local economy.

Finally, we strive to ensure that the majority of Vendors at our Market are farmers or other food producers. We want to remain true to our original 1995 mission of “providing a venue for area growers to show and sell their locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, eggs and honey.”

As we look forward to our next 25 years, we want to thank all those who have supported us in the past, both vendors and customers. We hope the next 25 years bring continued growth and prosperity to agriculture on the peninsula and to the community as a whole. Thanks and we will see you at the Market.